Brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle, so you need to keep them well-maintained. Brakes have several components and identifying the problems with them can be tricky. Here’s a quick guide to your brakes and their parts.

Q: How long do brake parts last?

A: Most technicians agree that brake pads can last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles, and rotors can last up to three times as long, but it depends on how much you use them and how gently.

Q: My brakes are making noise or vibrating. What’s wrong?

A: Brakes make several different noises that can indicate a variety of issues. Some squeaking when you brake is normal and probably just means your brakes are dusty or it’s humid outside. If your brakes are squealing when you hit the gas pedal, your brake pads have probably worn down and it’s time to replace them. Get these replaced as soon as you can, because leaving them on too long can damage your rotors. If the brakes vibrate when you step on the pedal, you may have warped or worn rotors and they’ll need to be “turned”, which is a term for redoing the surface on a lathe so it’s straight and flat again. Here are a couple of the most commonly asked questions about brakes:

Q: When should I have my rotors turned?

A: It’s safest to have this process done when you have work done on your brakes.

Q: Can I install my old brake kit on a new car?

A: No, because calipers are designed for specific models and years, so your old brakes won’t work on your new car.

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